Friday, December 29, 2017

Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas!

Another Christmas has come and gone.  I hope that yours was joyful!  Ours has been a welcome break from the hassles of life.  We stayed home over our vacation break and other than dealing with an annoying cold, it has been truly relaxing!

My hubby and I are looking into potentially moving in the new year if God provides.  Looking at homes online is fun.  Trying to imagine actually packing up, cleaning, and selling our current home is not so fun.  I would love a larger home with a second bathroom...we manage with our small single bathroom, but our family of 5 would love to have a second bathroom!  I'd also be fine with staying put.  Our home is small, but it works.

I have also been contemplating our family's eating habits and considering all the mess of variables we have.  My husband does well on a low carb / anti-inflammatory diet.  Our son still needs a wheat / milk free diet.  I've been able to tolerate adding wheat back into my diet and milk on occasion, but I do feel a difference in my body when I eat it.  One of our daughters will eat most foods.  The other is very picky -like I was at her age.

I desire to plan meals that don't break the bank, aren't too time-consuming, and meet everyone's needs.  We ignored most of our typical dietary restrictions over our Christmas break, and my husband is having some flare-ups as a result, so I know that diet is key to keeping his arthritis subdued.  The paleo diet seems to meet most of our needs, but I don't buy into the foundational story that the diet is based on.  I'm guessing I'll probably do a mixture of what I've been doing with perhaps some new recipes as I hunt around on Pinterest for ideas.

Friday, December 8, 2017


It seems to be a common occurrence recently to find people separating spirituality from certain things in life.  I find it unsettling.  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing is untouched by spirituality.  Spiritual warfare is an every day, moment-by-moment war being waged...whether we want to acknowledge it or not.  It's becoming easier and easier to ignore the things of God and live how we want to live.

Preaching to myself also apparently...God and I have been having our own little tiff...or at least I've been pushing Him away in some areas of life.  He's calling me back...turn around little one, let's deal with this heart issue...

I find it so interesting how the media is pushing issues and making such a stink of specific problems, and getting caught up in the specific social battles and I hardly ever see any acknowledgement of the fact that all the problems in our world boil down to simple, ugly, SIN.  We are sinners living in a fallen world.  Rather than fight for causes that are consequences of sin, we need to be fighting at the root of the issue.  Our broken world in desperate need of a Savior.  Where is that on Facebook?  The majority of my FB friends are Christian, but very few, very few, ever remark on this issue.  I think this is why I do not have strong opinions in some things...because I care most about things on a spiritual level -the foundation of the problems rather than the surface issues.

The bible says that our battle is not against flesh and blood, "but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places."  Ephesians 6:12 NLT.

Satan is intent in his quest to "steal and kill and destroy" (John 10:10) and is known as the father of lies. (John 8:44).  He spreads his lies and deception everywhere and it starts in the innocent things as small bite-size pieces that we all can ignore or deflect easily...but he makes sin familiar and then we grow more desensitized to it to the point where we are confused or so accustomed to seeing it as harmless that we allow it into our lives. 

I'm guilty of this too.  Tonight I am reminded to be on guard, to be aware and ready...that's what it means to have on the armor of God.  When it speaks of "girting your loins with truth" in the older versions of Ephesians 6:14, the image used is of men getting prepared in battle or to run a race.  They would take their tunic and tuck it up into their belts so that their legs would be free to run and be agile in battle without hindrance.  Being prepared, ready to react quickly and efficiently.  We need to put on the full armor of God so that we can be ready.  So that we can be prepared, and so that we will recognize the spiritual attacks coming at us and react accordingly.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Applying God's Will to My Life

Applying God's Will to My Life...How to do this, to be exact was my thought provoking question  between me and God.

I often pray that I would know and follow His Will, but this phrasing seems to fit the bill more accurately.  I wondered how a "self-help" book might instruct someone if this was the title of the book.

I imagine that understanding priorities from a godly perspective would be a good place to start.  For me, I've known my priorities, but I don't always follow them and I often struggle with fitting in time for me to be my own my current prayer is that God would help me find a better balance in this area.

Another area would be goals.  What are your goals for each priority?  What ways are you working towards those goals and how do those goals effect how you look at your priorities?  These questions I'm not dealing with yet, but I have them in the back of my mind for later.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

De-cluttering & Baby Proofing

Our little man is changing so much as he enters into this first year of toddlerhood!  He is understanding so much more than he used to, able to get into more, and busy, busy, BUSY!

It was quite the display of perseverance and determination, but once he learned it was possible, there was no stopping him!  He learned how to use the corner where our two couches meet to climb onto the couch and as a result, onto the end tables and over the strategically placed barriers I had put into place.  My once baby-proof living room became a toddler's heaven/mom's nightmare!

It took a good full day of work to totally re-work our living room and another full day to finish the job.  My girls and I used our life-application aspect of homeschooling to purchase and install L-brackets so our toddler couldn't pull the bookshelves down.  We emptied the bookshelves of our precious books and removed all our board games.  Now my beautiful bookshelves are mostly empty as our little guy can reach all except the top shelf!  The living room is now his domain with his toys on those shelves. We used math, critical thinking skills, large and small motor skills, the science of balancing stacks (they made a fort out of our board games and book piles), and more!

The end result is nice to look at and it was a lot of mental work to figure out how and what to change! We also had to re-do our homeschool storage by moving our open shelving to another room and exchanging it for a secretary desk that has closed doors we can toddler proof!

He continues to discover new heights...literally!  He has figured out how to climb up onto our window seat and just sits there so proud of himself.  He has shelves of toys to play with and most of the time prefers to see what he can get into rather than play with his toys.  Gotta love him!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Struggles of Life and Ways We Cope

Week of Labor Day:  It's been a trying week, the first time in a while that I've been this drained.  The biggest challenge has been that both my hubby and the baby have had health battles all week long.  We had two big events planned for our holiday weekend.  We had to cancel one and I took the kids to the other.  It was our first "family event" for just our little family that my husband had to miss out on due to complications with his arthritis.  I think this was the first time that I have sincerely been frustrated and angry about this illness that continues to interfere with our lives. 

For him, I know it is a daily struggle to balance caring for his physical struggles and still participating how he can at home.  For me, it is a complicated balancing act with all the hats I wear.  There isn't a true solution that solves our struggles. Our struggles are caused by health issues.  Issues that will never go away and will only get worse.  Solutions for this kind of struggle are finding ways to work with the problems and through them.

In the hard times, like this past week, my husband is unable to do much more than put a smile on his face for the children and spend the day coping with pain and attempting to recover enough to participate in a "normal" appearing life.  I care for everything else in the day-to-day living in our home.  At times I feel alone.  He feels alone.  At times I feel overwhelmed.  It can be exhausting, and it is hard to take care of myself, to pay attention to our marriage relationship, to be there emotionally for our children, care for the daily household needs, etc.  I am a strong woman, I can handle a lot.  I am capable of doing many things on my own and carrying this load for a while...but sometimes it gets to me.

Solutions / Ways to Cope:  The biggest help is to be aware of the root cause(s) of the little frustrations that mount up and pray about them.  Knowing is half the battle...there's a GI JOE jingle in there somewhere. :0)

Time is another biggie.  Allow time to explore where your emotions are and why they are.  I know that when I feel the most depressed in hard times is at night when I am tired.  Simply sending myself to bed early makes a huge difference.  100% of the time I wake up feeling so much more positive than I felt the night before.

The next biggest help is to keep communication lines open.  This can be tricky because emotions and patience can be stretched thin already.   We both work at speaking to each other in loving ways and avoid any outbursts of negative emotion...those must be spoken in a sensitive way with understanding of how they may come across to the other person.   My husband's arthritis isn't his fault.  He has little to no control over when it flares up or how bad it gets.  So when I express frustration with it, I am conscientious of not using words that may cast blame on him as a person.
Then it comes down to being flexible to change plans and simplify life as needed to accommodate the changes necessary for dealing with it.

Lastly, there are always preventative actions to take.  Knowing our plans may change at any time, we are careful how we present them to our children and my hubby is careful on how he cares for his body in the days leading up to our plans.  He'll often schedule his masseuse appointments for the following day or two after a big trip.  We plan out medication timelines and bring heating pads on our road trips.  And so on...

Friday, September 1, 2017

Meal Planning and French Lessons

Nothing particularly exciting is going on in our lives as of late, and I'm enjoying the day to day living for once.  The biggest excitement for me is that we've reached the beginning of a new month and I get to start fresh with my monthly grocery budget...a consistent source of challenges.

If we could get by with buying generic, processed foods, groceries would be cheap.  But with my honey's low-carb diet and my son's intolerances, that just isn't doable.  I read a post recently on the unlikely homeschool blog about large family menu planning and budgeting.  My family isn't nearly as large, but some of the tips helped!  I started by copying another mom's rotating two-week menu plan that she uses to stay cheap on food.  Most of it fit our family's eating habits, but she used so much of the same foods that I know my family would revolt after a couple rotations. 

After brainstorming with my honey, I adjusted it to fit our needs/wants better and made it into a rotating 4-week menu plan.  This is our first week using it, and I'm so far pleased with the cost for my first week's plan.  It takes a lot of the stress off my shoulders having a plan already written so I can just buy the food for the meals on our list rather than coming up with something new every week.  It will also help with budgeting to see how much each week will cost us and how much we spend on "extras"...having that more streamlined and tangible will help when my hubby and I discuss our spending habits in the future.  It makes me feel good to have organized another chaotic area of life!

School days are going well, I'm very thankful that the Lord led me to be less specific in my planning.  I made plans for routines and goals, but I didn't try to restrict our lives as much I usually do when I get lost in the romanticized world of organizing.  We've made several small tweaks already that would have messed up any specific plans I might have made.

A perk of homeschooling is that I can adjust lessons and lesson plans to fit my kids' needs.  However, it also requires me to be flexible and find ways to adjust to those changes too.

For example, the girls want to learn French this year.  Through our Options program, I was able to check out a CD and Workbook curriculum.  My oldest loves this method and is enjoying the process.  My youngest gets bored just listening and following along so she doesn't pay attention.  She's not learning much or enjoying it, so today, I downloaded the DuoLingo app on my phone for her to try and she loves it.  Not only is it a 'screen' that she can see and touch, but it's "Mommy's Phone" -something she rarely gets to use!  She is very excited about this new way to learn French. 

I'm thankful to have found a free way to help her to enjoy learning and participate in French, but now I have to figure out the best way to incorporate the two different learning methods into our day...and I have to learn French both ways too because they aren't teaching the same words at the same time!

Friday, August 18, 2017

School Year Beginnings

One week down, 35 more to go! The first day of school was awesome!  Our new schedule/routine worked perfectly and was so relaxed.  I thought to myself, "I could do this every day!"  By Thursday I was thinking, "Is it the weekend yet? I need a break!"  Hahaha.  Perfect days like our first day are few and far between, but oh, so wonderful!

I'm glad we are back into a school day routine.  This week showed me how lazy our summer really was concerning following a schedule.  I can't stay up late for "one more show" with my hubby and still expect to have the energy to make it through the school day.  A couple nights like that and our little man awake a couple extra times and all those beautiful plans become a struggle!

We had to make a few minor tweaks to my planned routine for our little guy.  He plays wonderfully on his own when we are in the same room as him, however, when we are doing a lesson at the kitchen table and he is in the living room on his own...completely different story!  He just stands at the gate whining and watching us.  Poor guy.  It seems he forgot we just played with him minutes earlier! :0)  The solution is to do school with one child while the other plays with him and then switch.  Then while they are working on individual things, Mommy spends time with him!

Last year we were able to get most of our schooling done by lunch time.  This year I split it up into morning and afternoon work.  Trying to anticipate the needed flexibility for a toddler added to the mix and also fitting in some time for fun and a few chores.

Next week we start our once weekly full day of enrichment at our local Options program.  I accidentally let my license expire, so my first day of freedom is going to be spent sitting at the DMV, joy of joys...  The girls are looking forward to being back in a group of their peers, the one major thing they missed about traditional schooling.